The unexpectedness of Tshisekedi’s ascent has riven the

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Canada Goose sale The election was marred by irregularities, and voting data from the election commission database, leaked to the Financial Times and other outlets, showed that another candidate, MartinFayulu, won around 60percent of the vote.The announced winner was not Kabila’s chosen successor who was deeply unpopular but Flix Tshisekedi, an opposition leader. Tshisekedi was inaugurated at Congo’s National Palace on Thursday. »The genius of it is cheap canada goose chilliwack bomber that they rigged it in favor of an opposition candidate who they could co opt, » said Jason Stearns, who leads a Congo focused think tank in New York. « This isn’t the worst that could have happened, but it’s a big blow to the idea of democracy in Congo. » Kabila’s government denied allegations of vote rigging.The unexpectedness of Tshisekedi’s ascent has riven the country’s opposition into factions and left many Congolese cheap canada goose in a disenchanted daze.They have not come out on the street in violent backlash as some had feared but instead hunkered down, pleased that Kabila is out of office canada goose outlet yet unsure whether he is still in power. Canada Goose sale

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