The customer support email backlog is entirely due to the size

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Canada Goose online While other donors gave more to support Trump’s presidential bid last year, the Mercers are now arguably the most influential financiers of the Trump era. Bannon, who went on to manage the final months of Trump’s campaign before joining the White House, is the senior architect of the president’s policy vision. He is joined in the West Wing by counselor Kellyanne Conway, a friend of Rebekah Mercer who led the family funded super PAC that backed first Cruz and then Trump in the 2016 race.. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets We usually try when we have manpower to do so, but almost all read this article of the time it due to some internet or hardware problem on the user end that takes a lot of time to track down.Our customer support staff were not reduced to a skeleton crew over the holiday period (they take their holidays at other times of the year). The customer support email backlog is entirely due to the size of Betrayal release and the timing of the new supporter packs coming out.The customer support team have been working very hard to get the backlog under control and have been doing a great job so far. They expect to have it cleared this month and we can likely resume technical support next month Canada Goose Jackets.

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