Kids had to travel far to attend school

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canada goose There was a fully staffed medical clinic, where a healthy baby boy was canada goose outlet store new york born during our stay.There was a school, filled with throngs of excited, beaming kids in uniform.And the canada goose outlet vancouver women were front and centre, standing side by side with the men as we were welcomed into the community.Just a few years back, there was no clinic. Kids had to travel far to attend school, if their families could afford to send them at all.And many women were all but excluded from public life, held back by their patriarchal canada goose outlet store locations society as well as shame over their humble canada goose outlet clothing. That because few earned an income of their own and any money they did come by went towards feeding, clothing and educating their children, and helping their families.That changed with the establishment of the Tungteiya Women Collective in the 90s, which united hundreds of female shea producers from 11 disadvantaged and remote communities in the region and provided them with a stable income that wouldn otherwise be possible., which has been selling shea products since 1994, is the association main buyer, and it pays a premium which is managed by the women and used on vital community projects like schools, wells and clinics.Madam Fati Paul says the shea trade has changed entire communities. canada goose

canada goose clearance Sorry the lady was put through this by horrid kids but. This is a grown woman so a teasing by a few little brats is unpleasant but hardly traumatic. More important are these questions: 1) If it canada goose black friday had been a child enduring 10 min of this, what would she have done nothing? What does a bus monitor do? 2) What was the driver doing about it? 3) What are canada goose clearance sale the protocols when bullying occurs on the bus? 4) They gave a terrible message to the other kids on the bus if you are bullied don expect an adult to intervene!. canada goose clearance

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